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There's never been a better music out there. Right now, the scene continues to intensify, the music more and more aggressive every day. More and more bands are coming out all the time, and where can you find them all? Well, right here's a good start. This is an ever expanding site, and don't worry if there are constant changes, I just get bored with the same look all the time.

Here's how to navigate: Use the menu on the left, your selection will pop up in this frame. Couldn't be any easier. Remember to visit my sponsors.

Updates:Added a whole bunch of zine sites, bands, labels, and more places to buy stuff. Uploaded on 21 Feb 00.

New background, and now link to my web site with these cool banners!

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If you know of another web site, or you'd like to have yours added, I'd be happy to add them to this site. Just contact me here. If there is something you think I can do better, just let me know. Thanks for visiting. Live long and prosper.


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